accountant near coral springs Announces Major Improvements to Their Online Marketing

For Immediate Release April 26, 2013, Coral Springs, FL, a Coral Springs, FL accounting company, has launched its new website platform which includes a call to action ten page website, a mobile website version, a blog, and a social media platform to help the company serve its clients in the Coral Springs, Florida area […]

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financial statements prepared at accountant near coral springs

Financial Accounting: What Are Financial Statements?

What Are Financial Statements? Financial accounting is a particular branch of accounting in which the financial transactions of a company are kept track of. To record, summarize and present the transactions in a financial statement or financial report such as a balance sheet or an income statement, standardized guidelines are used. The results of the […]

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accounting and payroll at accountant near coral springs

Accounting and Payrolls

What is accounting? Accounting is a field or discipline that pertains to that science of economics which aims to classify, record and summarize financial activity of a business, so as to enable decision-making in those businesses. In simple terms, it can provide a “snapshot” of the business’ condition in economic terms, which quickly tells us […]

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